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Retail Rewards Program


The Camelot Group has around 45,000 retailers across the UK operating as their primary sales network, together they are responsible for 75% of lottery sales. To date, retailers have earned more than £6 Billion in sales commission. Given the magnitude and importance of the retail network to the success of Camelot, we are constantly seeking better ways to keep retailers engaged and maintain the standards expected of the Points of Sale (POS).

Value We Created

One of the key drivers for retailer engagement is Camelot’s Retail Rewards program. Designed and delivered by CI Group, its goal is to incentivise retailers and boost levels of engagement.

Understanding the levels of active retail engagement on the program is key. To do so we analysed the impact of incentives on engagement and quality of service, delivering a series of comprehensive performance dashboards via our Pearl Analytics team – breaking down each key area of the Rewards program.

The Problem We Solved

Camelot was reviewing manual performance reports on a quarterly basis, however, with engagement on the Rewards program so critical to Camelot’s sales success – as well as the rapid changes occurring in the retail landscape – more dynamic and instant access to program analytics was a vital requirement.

We developed an understanding of specifically how their field sales team is promoting new registrations on the rewards program and dynamically reviewed the level of engagement by retailers. This provides the marketing team at Camelot with a greater level of insight to evaluate an investment in supporting incentives.

How We Did It?

Employing direct data feeds from the Rewards program servers coupled with a Google website performance feed, a real-time and dynamic view of the program was developed by Pearl Analytics.

The Camelot PearlCloud® portal shows a comprehensive compilation of insight dashboards on important metrics such as the number of new registrants, registrant engagement with the rewards program, as well as the impact of bespoke bonus programs executed by Camelot.

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