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I’m sure you have probably caught up on the news this morning and I doubt it was uplifting and was probably more likely, depressing. Wars, poverty, politics, human cruelty and the tensions in the capitalist system to grab the headlines to mention just a few. But the world is actually Changing its Behaviours in lots of interesting and uplifting ways and I think it’s good to give a moment to think about that.

Perhaps for those of us in business particularly, as the engine of the world’s improvement, it’s good to appreciate that this improvement is largely built on enterprise and business success.
Here’s two submissions that help us think about the change that’s happened in the world.

Andrew Marr, who gave us such a great keynote at our Changing Behaviours event at the House of Commons last October, picked up on this theme by retweeting a Channel 4 interview with Richard Curtis of Four Weddings and a Funeral fame and then I saw the Ted talk I’ve attached by Steven Pinker, the Canadian cognitive psychologist and science author.


No room for complacency of course, but I hope you agree not quite as irredeemably ddoom-laden as you might think.

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