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Cross-functional collaboration has arrived to PearlCloud Analytics!

To constantly improve the story behind your data, CI Group have recently evolved our Pearl Analytics platform, it will now help drive ever more efficient teams.

Our View: International Women’s Day 2022

Tuesday March 8th is International Women’s Day, 2022 (#IWD2022). On their website they ask us to imagine a gender equal world, with no bias, stereotypes and discrimination. A world that’s diverse, equitable and inclusive. A world where difference is valued and celebrated.   Now, imagine this within business and leadership.   If you were to […]

Creative Inspiration Starts Here

At CI Group we’ve developed the Y Model, a briefing template that helps create insightful and powerful briefs.

Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We are committed to sustainable development as a guiding principle within our work and office environment. Concern for the environment is an integral and fundamental part of this commitment. It is at the forefront of our minds. Our aim is to reduce the impact on the environment from our operations and implement best practices across the business. We are committed […]

2020/21 Highlights

These past 18 months have been a rollercoaster for many. Through it all our clients have continued to give us some amazing briefs to answer and we’re very thankful for those continuing partnerships. Here are some of the highlights captured in our showreel for 2020/21.

Virtual. Hybrid. Live. And so much more…

At CI Group we make it our business to understand your brand, your customers, and the best way to grab their attention.

Investing in our environment

We’ve expanded our capability and expertise to be able to deliver a genuinely best in class, in-house studio, control room and production options for virtual, hybrid and live event experiences. All in a covid-free space.

A Covid-secure live events app for the many

We’re delighted to feature on C&IT Magazine’s news pages this week having hosted editor Calum di Lieto at our London office recently to talk all things Liber App. Our CEO David Watt, revealed how technology is crucial in delivering a successful live event amid the global pandemic.

It’s Virtually Christmas!

Here’s a chance to say ‘Thank You’ in a way that can motivate and celebrate the brighter times ahead in 2021. The CI Group virtual or hybrid festive party pack…

Liber App Delivers Event Safety to Salon Privé

On Sept 23 the doors opened to Blenheim Palace for Salon Privé 2020 and put our Liber application to the test for 8000 expectant car enthusiasts. 

We’re Good To Go!

We are happy to announce that CI Group have earned the ‘We’re Good To Go’ industry standard certification for demonstrating our commitment to following COVID-19 guidelines.

Where knowledge becomes power

As businesses rapidly become data-centric in their processes, Pearl can be an important partner in helping you to better understand business performance.

Driving Performance Data

Welcome to our Changing Behaviours event series. On August 7th we returned to elite sport for inspiration and insight from our keynote speaker, a guest fresh from the Formula 1 paddock. 

Enhancing our analytics capabilities with BRIDGEi2i partnership

CI Group has further enhanced its extensive data analytics capabilities by forming a strategic partnership with BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions, a global, asset-based consulting and AI solutions company.

Leading High-Performance Teams

Watch extended highlights of our Changing Behaviours event as we navigate the ‘new normal’ for sport and large scale events through a global pandemic. Eddie Jones of England Rugby joins us from Japan with his insights.

Take your events virtual with CI Group

With the reality of what we once knew as physical events and interaction a distant way off, CI Group, as a leading behavioural change agency, have realigned our event operations to the virtual/hybrid realm.

How to make the best even better

Have a great team but still think you can make them better? Eddie Jones offers some great insights with his new coaching podcast series on how to get the very best from the very best!

Register your place at our virtual table

At CI Group we have a proud record of entertaining you at times of change. To continue that record in an environment such as we find ourselves today, is a challenge we relish taking on with the latest in our series of Changing Behaviours events.

Welcome to Planet IMEX!

CI Group’s PR arm, Clareville, have worked with the IMEX Group to launch a new virtual world of events with great success.

Hard times but a bright future

When a family member is suffering hard times the family rally round to help, the current situation with the Events and Hospitality Industry is very similar. 

The question is always ‘Why?’

In times like these, your customers and your employees may need your wisdom and leadership more than ever!

Changing Behaviours In Changing Times

At CI Group we’ve long lived by the mantra ‘Changing Behaviours’. Trends change, purchase habits shift, so we adapt and ensure our clients do too.

From the Inside out – changing sales behaviour

Technology vendors are looking to the inside sales model to provide a very different service.

Changing Behaviours with Insight

We’re excited to share the evolution of our Pearl Analytics product with your business.

Pearl Analytics & Synergy Six Degrees Strategic Partnership

We’re proud to announce our new strategic partnership with Synergy Six Degrees, a Go To Market strategy company with a unique GTM framework.

The Biggest Technology Trends In 2020

Helping clients adopt AI starts with an understanding of their business objectives…

The amazing ways retail giant Zalando is using Artificial Intelligence

The application of Artificial Intelligence in the online consumer industry is rapidly becoming the norm for highly impactful customer engagement.

Changing Behaviours with England Rugby Head Coach, Eddie Jones

Eddie Jones and his team have received a warm welcome in Japan ahead of the Rugby World Cup. We too wanted to say our own warm “Thank You” to our clients and guests who helped make our recent Changing Behaviours lunch with England’s Head Coach such a resounding success.

Does your Bot have character?

How many of us have a preference for human-like character in our smart technology?

The best prepared England side there has ever been!

Eddie Jones has today announced his Rugby World Cup squad following an eye-catching turnaround of the form books at the weekend. 

The Most Valuable Part of Analytics is Not the Analytics

Everywhere you look demand for data scientists is on the rise. Recent reports suggest that 80% of all UK businesses are looking to add data science skills to their organisation as soon as this year.  

Delivering 1301% ROI from what you don’t know?

According to research done by Nucleus Research back in 2014, organisations utilising Business Intelligence solutions and services saw an average 1301% ROI on every dollar spent!

Is your team on the Moneyball?

As we continue to consider the impact of data and analytics in sport, ahead of our Changing Behaviours lunch with Eddie Jones, the parallels in business become clear – the development of a ‘perfect team’ is a complex project!

The Incredible Similarities Between Analytics in Sport and Business

Perhaps unsurprisingly, people in business and professional sport have always tracked performance in some way or another. From the early stopwatch to the basic spreadsheet, information is what has been feeding our insatiable appetite for improvement.

Eyes East – how Eddie and analytics are targeting success at the Rugby World Cup

In case you missed it, data in sport is big business, valuations predict the sector to top $4.5bn by 2024, but how are those at the top of professional sport adapting to place fact-based decision making at the centre of their plans?

Rugby World Cup Preview Lunch

With an ever-increasing role for data & analytics in rugby, Eddie Jones – England Rugby Head Coach – will be giving us valuable insights on the fact-based decision making driving his coaching strategy – and how predictive analytics can shape success.

Proud to support the Armed Forces Para-Snowsport Team

We are proud to be working with the AFPST to help motivate behavioural change in wounded service personnel and their families, by providing them with an opportunity to challenge themselves both mentally and physically.

Now is the time to switch to Customer Engagement

Is traditional CRM still relevant today? Or should marketers be looking to deliver greater customer experiences to drive engagement with their brands and products?

Changing Behaviours with The Football Association’s Martin Glenn

Our last event took place at the Ivy in October last year and was a fantastic success. We welcomed Martin Glen as our speaker – the current CEO of the FA who has previously been CEO of companies such as Pepisco and United Biscuits. Read more to view key insights that over the years, Martin found to help to successfully Change Behaviours.

Productivity experts on how you can finally beat distractions and get everything done

What do chewing gum, your phone notifications and a boiled egg all have in common? They all impact your productivity! And in this article experts explain exactly how.

Microsoft research warns that UK organisations are at risk of falling behind without an AI strategy…

Insightful research presented by one of our future-focused clients, Microsoft, during day one of their future decoded event at London ExCel. Has your organisation got an AI strategy in place?

A forward thinking view of AI & the future of work! Will AI diversify human thinking or replace it?

A forward-thinking view of AI & the future of work! Will AI diversify human thinking or replace it?

Is Tech taking Communication to another Level, or Beyond the Limit?

A US based company, Grabb-It, is trying to revolutionise out-of-home advertising, but is their approach a step too far for the natural evolution of marketing?

Greenpeace warns brands on palm oil through a moving animated tale of an orangutan

Here’s a great example of a strategy and brilliant execution to influence the behaviours of big food brands by exposing the implications of their current use of palm oil.

Future Forward Fashion

It’s very exciting to see how AI is working in fashion by helping to predict what items you might like to buy based on images & styles you have shared online.  Might put an end to traipsing around the High Street to no avail! 

How Pepsi became the first western product in the USSR

A short and sweet piece from Dave Trott looking at how creative thinking won Pepsi the Russian market during the height of the cold war…

A great way to start the day

Andrew Marr, our guest speaker at the House of Commons Changing Behaviours event spotted this uplifting interview with Richard Curtis. At a time of so much cynicism it helps appreciate how much the world is actually changing for the better.

What AI really means for Marketers by Simon Carter

This fascinating and thought-provoking white paper, written exclusively for the Hive by Simon Carter, ex Fujitsu VP & Head of Field Marketing for Sales EMEIA, gives a fascinating insight into the growth of AI and the possibilities for its future…

Will designers be replaced by robots?

With Ai and the rise of the machine, will we all be out of a job? Within the creative industry will the artist be replaced by a robot, who can originate and express ideas in the same way a human can?

What might Brexit mean for the UK’s Events industry?

As the UK Events industry tries to estimate the consequences of Brexit,  this article warns that future restrictions may make accessing the right European talent much harder..

C4 announces global first in Artificial Intelligence TV advertising trial

This beautifully animated video by Kurzegsagt is a simple, easy to understand overview of the future of AI and Machine Learning. It walks you through the full history of machine automation and why this time it’s completely different…

The virtues and pitfalls of AI for Marketeers

There doesn’t seem to be a profession untouched by the AI revolution. Marketing is no different. But do we need it and how do we use it?

Gamification to improve our world

Gamification is a motivational tactic that is becoming ever more common in our daily lives. In this video, Yu-kai Chou explains his 8-part framework on exactly how gamification makes us tick…


Good content won’t come out of thin air, it needs time, strategic and creative investment.

Leadership – Changing Behaviours

Jack Welch CEO of GE talks leadership and changing behaviors

The Magic of Motivation – What works and why.

Career analyst Dan Pink examines the puzzle of motivation, starting with a fact that social scientists know but most managers don’t: Traditional rewards aren’t always as effective as we think.

How to truly improve workforce and customer motivation

We live in a knowledge economy where the importance of meaning is present in everything we do. Dan Ariely explores why meaning and effort drives us.

Changing Behaviours with Neuromarketing Expert and Author, Phil Barden

Sharing his insight on what makes consumers change behaviours. Phil Barden spent 25 years of his life working in Unilever, Diageo and T-Mobile trying to influence consumer behaviour in favour of his brands and products.

Changing Behaviours with Andrew Marr at The House of Commons

Andrew Marr’s insights as events from the Tory conference unfolded were absolutely fascinating, almost dramatic, as he led us through a captivating discussion on the possible outcomes of the country’s leadership, the Brexit negotiations, and Europe’s future.

Should we be concerned that Brexit is destroying business growth?

I read with great interest the news that WPP have suffered a drop in share price, but when you read the below story you start to realise that its possible our Media are trying the cause a Brexit crisis when in reality the UK is seeing signs of growth

Food to Go

The latest IGD forecast has food to go sales set to rise by a third to £ 23.5bn by 2022 as new consumers buy into healthy options, and coffee shop chains improve their food offering.

Wake Up & Shake up your Workforce!

Countless research papers show stimulating the mind and the body first thing awakens the mind and kick starts your day to be more productive from the get go.

The continual change of coffee consumption

How the changing behaviour of coffee consumers is making Starbucks question its offer on the highstreet.

Why you should define your fears instead of your goals

Learn about how you can thrive in high-stress environments and separate what you can control from what you cannot.

Anger room NO MORE! Yay

Surely, in this day when everything is focused on user experience the hotel check in process should be the start of a positive user experience, however, it very rarely is…

Consumer behaviours are evolving rapidly! Are you ready?

This report drives home the truth that you and I are changing the way we behave, from moving away from owning items, to collaborating and convenience being the real focus to improve our lives.

Translating the Neuroscience of Behavioural Economics into Employee Engagement

On average, only 30% of employees really care about who they work for and only 60% are motivated by money.

Changing Employee Behaviour

We would recommend this book, I’ve read a few chapters and it certainly supports our ethos.

Field trip to Mars

Using tech to change the classroom and taking education to a different planet, literally.

Twitter is Changing the Behaviour of how we consume the news

2016 was a dramatic year in many ways. From the deaths of much-loved celebrities to Brexit and Trump’s emphatic rise to the White House. Twitter had a field day!

How women are taking on the men of banking. Winning in the boardroom and at Cannes 2017.

In honour of International Women’s Day, McCann NY introduces ‘The Fearless Girl’ – a statue of a daring young girl, standing strong in front of the bull on Wall Street. Why? Because companies with women in leadership perform better.

Revolutionising the shopping experience

Once upon a time, they said we’d never buy shoes online.  Now 45% of  US shoppers say they’ve purchased clothes, shoes and accessories online, with 67% of Millennials preferring to shop online rather than in store.

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