Celebrating CI Group’s Commitment to Sustainability- Pip Kenny Named Power 50 Green Champion by Micebook 


In a momentous recognition of her unwavering dedication to sustainability within the UK events industry, Pip Kenny, Group Creative Director at CI Group, has been named a Power 50 Green Champion by Micebook. This prestigious accolade is a testament to her remarkable commitment to making a positive impact on the planet and promoting eco-conscious practices within the business events industry. 

Micebook, in partnership with the sustainability organisation Isla, has established the Power 50 Green Champion initiative, which spotlights individuals within the UK events industry who go above and beyond in dedicating their time, passion, and energy to fostering a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. 

As part of CI Group Management Team , Pip leads both the CSR Initiatives and Wellbeing functions within the group as well as managing Ellipsis, CI Group’s Design function. 


At the forefront of developing and rolling out CI Group’s CSR Policy, Pip has been instrumental in forming partnerships with companies such as Climate Wise and Isla to not only offset all of CI Group’s employee carbon, but monitor and reduce carbon emissions for live events. This activity has included social posts and commentary on Linked in as well as information on CI Group’s website about the company policy.  


Pip also ensures that sustainability is front-of-mind when presenting client proposals for any design or event brief, partnering with companies that also have clear CER policies as part of their inherent brand values. 

Expressing her thoughts on this distinguished accolade, Pip Kenny remarks, “I’m truly honoured to be recognised as a Power 50 Green Champion by Micebook. This award represents not only my personal commitment but also the collective dedication of CI Group to sustainability in the business events industry. It’s an affirmation of the positive changes we can make when we come together and prioritise reducing our impact on the environment.” 

CI Group’s Journey Towards Sustainability 

CI Group’s dedication to sustainability is an ongoing journey that revolves around addressing climate change through a multifaceted approach. This includes strategic partnerships with Trace by Isla, the implementation of effective performance and communication marketing strategies, and the utilisation of cutting-edge event technology. This innovative approach encompasses various aspects of sustainability, contributing to meaningful change and fostering true innovation. 

Innovative Sustainability Tools 

One of the notable sustainability tools embraced by CI Group is our dashboard system. This system visualises carbon impact metrics and offers a Carbon Calculator process designed to incorporate ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) data from various sources. The result is a quantifiable reduction in carbon emissions, furthering CI Group’s mission of contributing to a more sustainable future. CI Group’s Pearl Management Dashboard aggregates all emissions generated by their agency into one accessible view, empowering them to make eco-conscious decisions in their event planning.  

Reducing Carbon Impact 

CI Group has been proactive in its commitment to reducing the carbon impact of its events. We encourage more sustainable transportation options for attendees, such as utilising electric cabs from Go Zero and promoting the use of public transport. Moreover, CI Group ensures that event menus and venues align with sustainable practices, ensuring every aspect of their events contributes to a greener future. 

A Valuable Collaboration with Isla 

In collaboration with Isla, of which CI Group is a member, the Carbon Calculator introduced at the CBE 2022 event has proven to be an invaluable tool for calculating, offsetting, and reducing an organisation’s carbon footprint. This initiative showcases CI Group’s commitment to not only reduce its own carbon footprint but also to provide essential tools and knowledge to other organisations looking to embrace sustainability. 

David Watt, CEO of CI Group, expressed his admiration for Pip Kenny, stating, “Pip thoroughly deserves this important award for her hard work and commitment to pioneering sustainable initiatives within CI Group. She continually drives progress both within our organisation and throughout the industry. This is an area she is not only passionate about but believes in wholeheartedly.” 

Get in touch if you would like more information on how optimise the sustainability at your events – https://www.cigroup.co.uk/live-experiences/ 

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