Adobe Acrobat Pro: Client Success Story- Customer Survey & Sentiment Analysis

Elevating Customer Sentiment Analysis with Pearl Analytics and PearlCloud 

I am delighted to share my remarkable experience collaborating with Pearl Analytics and witnessing the transformative impact they had on capturing and understanding customer sentiment for Adobe Acrobat Pro. I’m Allyson Murray, the Head of Channel Marketing for the Americas region and I led this initiative in close partnership with Robert Mol and his team at Pearl Analytics. 

Our ambitious mission to gauge customer sentiment across continents and diverse segments was seamlessly executed with Pearl Analytics at the helm. The culmination of their expertise in data analysis and customer sentiment evaluation was truly impressive, particularly in the context of our North American Channel team where nearly 2000 survey results were meticulously collected and analysed.  

What set Pearl Analytics apart was their commitment to delivering not just data, but actionable insights. Their collaboration with Robert and his team, was outstanding. This partnership, coupled with Pearl Analytics’ insights-driven approach, provided us with a wealth of strategic recommendations aligned with our customer experience objectives. 

A standout feature of our collaboration was the delivery of real-time dashboards via PearlCloud. This innovative platform provided Adobe executives, including myself, instant and continuous insight into customer sentiment. The ability to access dynamic, visually intuitive dashboards facilitated prompt decision-making and empowered us to stay ahead of evolving customer expectations. 

Pearl Analytics not only demonstrated technical prowess but also a keen understanding of our business objectives. Their meticulous attention to detail, responsiveness, and commitment to timely delivery were evident throughout the project. They transformed vast amounts of data into meaningful narratives that provided a clear understanding of our customers’ experiences. 

In conclusion, Pearl Analytics has been an invaluable partner in our quest to enhance customer sentiment analysis for Adobe Acrobat Pro. The inclusion of PearlCloud, with its real-time dashboards, provided Adobe executives with a powerful tool for instant and continuous insights. I wholeheartedly recommend Pearl Analytics to organizations seeking transformative insights and actionable strategies, coupled with cutting-edge technology, to elevate their customer experience. 

Allyson Murray, Head of Channel Marketing, Adobe Americas 

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