Driving Performance Data

Welcome to Changing Behaviours.

On August 7th, our own data specialists at Pearl Analytics explored the rate of change in data & analysis through an interesting lens, that of Williams F1 Chief Information Officer, Graeme Hackland.

Above is a full-length re-run of our event. Graeme talks candidly with Robert Mol of Pearl Analytics, shining a light on data best practice being employed in Formula 1 and how to translate some of those learnings to business.

Chaired by Rachael Downie, our assembled panel of industry experts also discuss the impact of some of the topics raised in our chat with Graeme – Della Wolfe, Co-Founder of HR specialists The Curve Group considers some of the top techniques for understanding HR data as it relates to team performance.

Meredith Amdur, CEO of data enrichment experts Rhetorik, also helps us understand how to ensure data is accurate and meaningful.

The panel is completed by CI Group CEO David Watt, he shares his expertise in helping brands stay on top of their game using advanced measurement and performance analysis with data.



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