Incentive Strategy and Communication

Creating an impactful incentive strategy, and ensuring its success through effective communication and measurement, is essential to drive performance and engagement. Through meticulously designed pre-event communications, immersive experiences, a deep understanding of motivational psychology, and a team of digital developers and data analysts, we not only aim to inspire action, but also create a lasting impression. 


Here’s how CI Group bring our incentive strategy to life, step by step, ensuring each phase of the incentive journey is interwoven with innovation, excellence, and unforgettable experiences.


Pre-Event Communication 

Our team develop a comprehensive incentive communication strategy, including regular creative communications that are carefully crafted with enticing content to engage and motivate. Examples of content may include:

  • sharing a promotional or highlights reel to announce an incentive destination
  • sharing special promotions like double points for the week
  • introducing competitions
  • and providing valuable information about upcoming opportunities to earn rewards

Short, personalised and regular communications, not only keep participants informed, but ultimately contribute to the overall success of the incentive programme.


Digital Platform Integration​​

A Reward Hub: our digital developers have created a bespoke platform which serves as the central point for all types of incentive programmes, allowing participants to track their progress against the programme objectives and claiming criteria. The platform is structured to drive behavioural change using leaderboards, goal setting, escalator and built in bonuses.  Most incentives incorporate one or all of the following strategies; 

  • Strategic ‘always on’ incentives, focused on YoY incremental growth aligned to company or individual performance metrics;
  • Major incentives aligned to particular products or services and that are designed to inspire short term behaviour change;
  • Sprint short-term tactical incentives are used to drive brand awareness, pipeline building, support with product launches or react to changes in demand from a particular customer type. 

Tailored Incentive Communications

Engaging comms that weave teasers, events, social media, spot prizes, promo and leaderboard updates and accelerators, keep participants motivated. The key to success is to provide regular updates on trip details, giveaways, competitions, and more, encouraging continuous engagement and driving participants towards the sales objectives. 

Rewarding Excellence:Nice & Monaco (A client success story)

Onto the best part – reaping the rewards. Crafting unique, memorable experiences such as exclusive tours, dining in historical settings, and enjoying the local culture and climate, all provide a compelling reason for enhanced performance. Below is a snapshot of an itinerary we built for our clients.



At CI Group, we believe in creating incentive strategies that do more than just motivate; they inspire and leave a lasting impact. Our approach is rooted in understanding the unique drivers of each participant, crafting experiences that resonate on a personal level, plus carefully measuring and analysing data to create behaviour-changing insights. This commitment to excellence and innovation is what sets us apart and ensures the success of our incentive programmes.

Contact CI Group today to discover how we can tailor an incentive programme that aligns with your goals and values, ensuring success through behaviour-changing insights, strategic communication and bespoke experience – 

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