Elevate Your Holiday Marketing and PR Game in 2023.

Tis the season for businesses to shine, and with savvy marketing and PR strategies, you can sleigh the competition.

Here are ten actionable tips to make your mark during the festive season, from the brains at CI Group:

Express Gratitude: Build lasting connections by expressing gratitude. Personalised thank-you messages, be it through heartfelt emails or handwritten notes, show your customers they’re truly appreciated.

Group Packages and Bundles: Encourage larger purchases with tempting group packages or bundled deals. Perfect for families and friends, these offerings can be the ultimate holiday gift.

Employee Happiness Matters: Happy employee’s equal happy customers. Ensure your team feels valued and motivated during this bustling season, influencing the quality of service they deliver.

Attend Press Events: Participate in local or industry-specific press events. These platforms provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your products or services.

Experiment with Niche Partnerships: Collaborate with non-competitive businesses sharing your target audience to extend your reach.

Gift of Coupons: Offering coupons or discount codes, especially to first-time or dormant customers, can be the nudge needed to make a purchase.

Harness the Power of Affiliate Links: Motivate affiliates by offering competitive commissions on every sale they drive.

Remember, success lies in meticulous planning and adaptability. Keep a close eye on your campaigns and be ready to tweak strategies as needed. Wishing you a season filled with successful planning!

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