Eyes East – how Eddie and analytics are targeting success at the Rugby World Cup

In case you missed it, data in sport is big business, valuations predict the sector to top $4.5bn by 2024, but how are those at the top of professional sport adapting to place fact-based decision making at the centre of their plans?

One of those at the forefront – using analytics to drive performance at an elite level – is England Rugby Head Coach, Eddie Jones. We’re delighted to say he’ll be joining our Changing Behaviours event on Sept 7th to provide a glimpse behind the curtain of the team’s preparation for this year’s Rugby World Cup.

Despite no country coming close to England’s consistency during the modern era of the Six Nations, finishing in the top two 23 times in the last 30 seasons, Eddie’s now striving to deliver success on the biggest stage of all.

England will look to ride a wave of success from performance analysis that’s been building steadily. Domestic rugby clubs have been employing bespoke, data-driven training tactics for some time, culminating in a 2018 partnership between the RFU and IBM, leveraging their AI platform – Watson – to find new analytic solutions.

The model has also proved successful for France U20s Rugby who executed a data-led drive to take them to the top of international competition in 2018.

England’s approach will doubtless take inspiration from the RFU’s IBM partnership, but the spotlight will shine brightly on England in the Far East, can they find the right mix of brains and brawn, ‘stick to the plan!’ and drive success like others before them?

Reserve your space at our Rugby World Cup preview lunch on 7th September to hear Eddie’s hopes.

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