Gamification to improve our world

Video games are a huge business, so much so that the number of active video game players is expected to grow to 2.73 billion worldwide by 2021.  People are becoming more familiar with the concept of gamification and the game-based mechanics that can be used to engage, motivate and promote learning. Making it easier than ever to integrate with traditional businesses and use it to change behaviours. Research has shown that, when executed well, gamification can increase motivation by 51.6%. Yu-kai Chou is an expert on the subject of gamification, he is dedicated to finding ways to utilise it in our everyday lives to make us better, more productive people and have fun while we do it. In this talk he explains the ‘Octalysis framework’; the 8 key principles that motivate people when playing games and how they can be used to motivate people in a wide variety of situations. If you are trying to increase product, service or employee engagement then this is well worth a watch.

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