ORIGINAL RELEASE: Insight Interpretation via AI

Harnessing AI for automated Insights generation

At CI Group, we understand that navigating the abundance of data can be daunting. That’s why we’ve introduced the AI Insights Engine on PearlCloud, our managed analytics platform. This is the latest development on the platform designed to revolutionise how to efficiently interpret your analytics dashboards.

The Power of an embedded AI Insights Engine

It’s a comprehensive AI Insights Engine that interprets analysed data from your dashboards into strategic insights —automatically. This creates the convenience of having an AI that acts as your data story teller, delivering daily insight updates, automating insights reports, and refreshing insights upon each data iteration.

  • Personalised Dashboards: Our data and analyst specialists deliver bespoke dashboards based on your business intelligence needs and delivered through our secure PearlCloud platform.
  • Actionable Intelligence: with every data iteration, the AI Insights engine provides an immediate and actionable interpretation of the available analysis, enabling you to understand your performance and act promptly.
  • Optimisation: MDF funds are vital for channel partners. Our dashboards help you to quickly identify areas for optimisation using actionable AI driven insights to drive greater returns and increased budget effectiveness.

Our clients, including Adobe, Computacenter, HP, Westcoast, have experienced the transformative impact of integrating PearlCloud dashboards into their business operations like Enablement, Marketing, Channel and Sales.

Here are six compelling reasons to consider our Pearl Analytics Managed Analytics Services to support your business intelligence needs;

  1. Expertise and Specialisation: Pearl Analytic’s managed analytics service provides access to a team of highly skilled data scientists and analysts who specialise in extracting actionable insights from complex datasets. This expertise ensures that your business benefits from cutting-edge analytics techniques and industry best practices.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness: By outsourcing your analytics needs to Pearl Analytics, you can avoid the high costs associated with building an in-house analytics team. This approach allows you to leverage advanced analytics capabilities without the overhead of hiring and training specialised staff.
  3. Scalability and Flexibility: Pearl Analytics managed services are designed to scale with your business needs. Whether you’re a start-up looking to establish analytics capabilities or a large enterprise seeking to enhance existing processes, our managed service can adapt to varying levels of complexity and scale.
  4. Advanced Technology Stack: Pearl Analytics leverages state-of-the-art analytics tools and technologies to deliver sophisticated insights and a robust managed analytics platform, PearlCloud. From AI integration and machine learning algorithms to advanced visualisation platforms, their service is equipped with the latest tools to drive informed decision-making.
  5. Customised Solutions: Pearl Analytics takes a personalised approach to analytics, tailoring their services to align with your specific business objectives and challenges. Whether you need predictive modelling, customer segmentation, or real-time dashboards, we can customise solutions to meet your unique requirements.
  6. Focus on Business Impact: Beyond generating reports and dashboards, Pearl Analytics places a strong emphasis on translating analytics into tangible business outcomes. Their managed service aims to uncover actionable insights that drive revenue growth, improve operational efficiency, and enhance overall business performance.

These reasons highlight how Pearl Analytics managed analytics services can empower your organisation with data-driven decision-making capabilities, enabling you to gain a competitive edge in today’s highly dynamic business landscape.

Make your data work for you with PearlCloud’s AI Insights Engine. Contact us today for a demonstration and take the first step towards realising the untapped potential of your data – cigroupcontact@cigroup.co.uk


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