Productivity experts on how you can finally beat distractions and get everything done

I remember during my university days at Northumbria, we had a visit from our most noteworthy course alumni Sir Jony Ive (Chief Design Officer Apple). In what was an inspiring talk in a packed out studio, one point really stood out to me. He said, “I can’t believe the number of people who can’t properly focus on a task, it’s an incredibly rare trait”. And he isn’t wrong, I very often catch myself and others daydreaming or flicking through their twitter feed at the inevitable 3pm energy slump.

In the era of mobile phones and instant gratification, concentrating on a single complex task can seem like you’re fighting a losing battle. And working longer hours doesn’t necessarily equal ‘better productivity’. In fact, according to a 2014 study by Stanford professor John Pencavel, who examined data from laborers during World War I, output was proportionate to time worked—up to 49 hours. Beyond that, it rose at a decreasing rate, and those who put in 70 hours had the same productivity as someone who worked 56 hours.

If you’re like me and find yourself getting distracted, this article has a few small tips that with a bit of experimentation could help you form some healthy habits that in turn have a positive effect on your productivity.

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P.S. My latest revelation has been Rainy Mood, a website that lets you plug in your headphones and drown out the distractions to the sound of a spring downpour. Guaranteed to make you feel both cosy and productive all while sat at your desk.

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