Revolutionising the shopping experience

Once upon a time, they said we’d never buy shoes online.  Now 45% of  US shoppers say they’ve purchased clothes, shoes and accessories online, with 67% of Millennials preferring to shop online rather than in store.* The bricks and mortar world must keep pace with the changing dynamics of retail, where time is at a premium, and shoppers, increasingly tech-savvy (remember the days before contactless cards? Or Chip and Pin?), are more and more expecting technology to be part of the shopping experience. This article explores the use of payment technology in retail, as part of the shopper experience, and to drive efficiencies.

Retailers who don’t adapt risk being left behind for a more efficient shopping experience. However, brands that are sold within retailers, need to ensure their brand experience is maximized at the point of purchase, within the context of this more efficient shopping experience. Packaging (product and on shelf) becomes critical, as does clever use of in-store investment to prompt an impulse purchase while shoppers whizz in and out of stores, shopping functionally. Brands must incorporate in-store technology from couponing to VR/ AR into their shopper experience. We will share more examples of how to do that in the coming weeks.


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