Should we be concerned that Brexit is destroying business growth?

I read with great interest the news that WPP have suffered a drop in share price, but when you read this story you start to realise that its possible our Media are trying the cause a Brexit crisis when in reality the UK is seeing signs of genuine growth. The real threat to the UK in reality is the unpredictable behaviour of the US President Donald Trump.

It would of course to be naive to think there will not be consequences to the UK due to the political turmoil dragging on the World’s economic growth and the uncertainty around Brexit needs to stay in focus, but I find it reassuring that WPP state clearly that their UK business outperformed the rest of the Group with sales growth accelerating a trend that CI Group are also seeing.

Our event at the House of Commons on October 4th promises to be a very hot debate as Brexit forms the key topic amongst Industry leaders from various sectors.

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