Spiff Days: HP Pride ‘Proudly Visible’

In a powerful collaboration, HP and AMD have joined forces for the ‘Proudly Visible’ campaign, which took place throughout the month of June to commemorate Pride. This inspiring initiative aims to champion the LGBTQ+ community in the tech industry and create greater visibility and understanding.

HP Pride Spiff Days played a vital role in supporting and benefiting the LGBTQ+ community in numerous ways. The event provided a platform for inclusivity, visibility, and empowerment, fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance for individuals of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities.

By dedicating specific days to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride, HP wanted to actively demonstrate its commitment to inclusivity. These events encourage employees to openly express their identities and create an environment where LGBTQ+ individuals feel seen and heard as well as be able to increase there learning about the tech industry. Increased visibility helps combat stigma and fosters understanding among colleagues, paving the way for a more inclusive workplace culture.


We’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in every step of this campaign, from the initial proposal and conceptualisation to design and overall project management.


The client wanted this campaign to be bold and loud and to get their messaging across about being Proudly Visible. So we came up with this loud and proud campaign to showcase the inclusivity within the HP and AMD team.


We created a loud and proud campaign to create awareness for HP and AMD within the channel. We created a branded Land Rover to be a visual representation of being “Proudly Visible” while also having our colourful wall as a backdrop to every partner day giving it the festive Pride feel. This campaign will also be the kick off and introduction to their incentive trip to Amsterdam Pride.

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