Investing in our environment

It’s been a busy year but we’ve not stopped honing our skills and talent despite the distractions. It didn’t feel like the right time to let the lights go out on our events.

So what have we done? We expanded our capability and expertise to be able to deliver a genuinely best in class, in-house studio, control room and production options for virtual, hybrid and live event experiences. All in a covid-free space supported by our Liber app where appropriate.

Let’s talk about how we can help you deliver. Virtual. Hybrid. Live.

See our LinkedIn channel for some of latest products we are making available to clients, including: a dedicated studio space; communications strategy; film & edit including animation and script/storyboarding support; data visualisation; creative & presentation for playbooks, presentations or event comms; talent management.

Many more communications tools are available from CI Group agencies and we’d love to support your campaign. All of this can be achieved with an extra layer of covid-secure planning via Liber, our platform for safe, secure, events, virtual, hybrid or live.

So let’s talk

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