Changing Behaviours with Andrew Marr at The House of Commons


Thank you to those that were able to attend our ‘Changing Behaviours’ event at the House of Commons on 4th October.

I hope you agree it was stimulating and exciting to be in such a historic location that’s at the heart of Britain’s Brexit conversation.

I thought Andrew Marr’s insights as events from the Tory conference unfolded were absolutely fascinating, almost dramatic, as he led us through a captivating discussion on the possible outcomes of the country’s leadership, the Brexit negotiations, and Europe’s future. The panel discussion he led was very revealing and quite optimistic, which I personally found encouraging.

Incidentally my thanks to the many of you who were kind enough to submit questions and apologies we couldn’t deal with many of them.

Check out our Changing Behaviours Event photo-gallery with images from the event. Also keep an eye out for some edited video of the key moments.

You’ll soon be receiving a signed copy of Andrew’s latest publication The History of Modern Britain in the post, I think you’ll find it a really great read.

Once again, thank you for joining us, it was a real pleasure to catch up with our clients, our partners and associates and all of us at CI Group look forward to building on the many interesting and useful conversations we had.

David Watt, CI Group CEO

Andrew Marr Biography
TV presenter, political editor, newspaper editor

A lifelong political commentator, Andrew is an award-winning journalist who has written for The Economist, edited The Independent (1996–98), been political editor of BBC News (2000–05) and, today, hosts The Andrew Marr Show (formerly Sunday AM) (2005-present).
An aficionado of political history, Andrew has presented BBC programmes covering the History of Modern Britain, the Making of the World and Queen Elizabeth.
He has ‘interviewed’ everyone from Prime Ministers to Presidents, from Blair to Putin. In fact, Sunday mornings wouldn’t be Sunday mornings without Andrew’s devilish grin, quick wit and piercing questions waiting to skewer the over-confident politician; like a ‘smiling assassin’.
His longevity and respect across all political parties, can be attributed to his belief that reporters should remain impartial and “studiously neutral” whilst delivering news reports and “convey fact, and nothing more”.


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