The Incredible Similarities Between Analytics in Sport and Business

Perhaps unsurprisingly, people in business and professional sport have always tracked performance in some way or another. From the early stopwatch to the basic spreadsheet, information is what has been feeding our insatiable appetite for improvement.

The analytical revolution of the past decade has fuelled demand for more advanced tooling and methods to interpret data and identify better ways of running, throwing, jumping – conditioning athletes across a broad spectrum – while in business these advancements can be translated to efficiency, reducing costs or improving customer experience.

We have reached a point where analytical capabilities in sport and business have become the main driver for competitiveness, with one big difference, sports teams are ahead of the adoption curve in every way!

Most professional teams have permanent analytical staff and often a Chief Analytics Officer at the helm. Every game and sports activity gets monitored, segmented and analysed using highly sophisticated connected devices – bringing people and technology ever closer. This data can instantly report performance anomalies and even future performance – of equipment and athlete.

The opportunity in business is identical and the revolution is slowly but surely becoming more prevalent in the board room. Large corporations are investing in analytical skills, services & tech, with a board-level Analytics Officer role certainly on the horizon.

The great challenge for business is the conversion of all that analysis into better business practice and execution, something many sports have down to a fine art.

Join us on Sept 7th to meet Eddie Jones, Head Coach of England Rugby, and hear how he’s delivering on that challenge.

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