The Power of Events Unveils Revolutionary Event Industry Insight App 

The event industry is poised for an exciting future, as The Power of Events has announced its four-nation tour to introduce the Event Industry Insight App. This app has been designed to be a useful tool to support the industry with data insights and their research needs.  


Empowering Event Professionals  

The Event Industry Insight App is open to all event professionals. Designed to cater to the diverse needs of the industry, it offers a platform to access crucial insights, data, and research materials. Rick Stainton, the app’s founder, emphasises that by downloading and registering on the app, industry professionals can contribute to a better understanding, increased value, and enhanced respect for the event industry. 


Guiding the Journey: CEO David Watt 

Behind the scenes, our CEO, David Watt, played an instrumental role in shaping the app’s development. He contributed valuable insights and guidance throughout the project, from offering free consultancy to refining the app’s scope and hosting the platform. Looking ahead, Watt has plans to expand the app’s capabilities, including designing surveys and building data analytic dashboards.  

David Watt comments: “The Power of Events platform is a testament to the incredible generosity and collaboration of partners and supporters from all seven sectors within the industry. Together, they’ve created a unique showcase for the UK Events Industry, made possible by their financial contributions. This platform opens up unprecedented opportunities to explore the incredible potential that events of all kinds offer.”  


Trailblazing Partnerships 

Even before its official launch, the Event Industry Insight App has garnered significant interest from leading organisations. Partners such as Leeds Beckett University, LIVE, Handle Freelance Solutions, UK Live Event Freelancers, Forum, and The BACK LOUNGE are already exploring the app’s potential to support their research projects. This early adoption underscores the app’s potential to become an invaluable resource for the industry. 


The Four-Nation Tour: A Journey of Impact  

To celebrate the launch of the Event Industry Insight App and to connect with event professionals across the UK, The Power of Events has embarked on an extensive Four-Nation Tour, making more than 20 stops in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and various locations across England, throughout October. The team will also engage with universities and industry partner events to interact with event professionals at all levels. 

Some of the highlights of the roadshow include panels, interactive demos and showcases, where attendees will have the opportunity to experience the App first-hand through engaging interactive demos. With The Power of Events’ strong focus on the next generation always at the forefront of our work, there will be plenty of opportunities on this tour to nurture and engage with this much-needed group, from dedicated workshops to support the next generation at a plethora of industry events. 


Prizes and Exclusive Insights  

As a way of thanking people for their attendance and engagement, there will be an extra layer of excitement with special prize draws throughout the tour. Attendees can participate in the exclusive prize draw for a chance to win incredible rewards from sports tickets to hotel stays and more. To enter, all they need to do is download and register on the Event Industry Insight App. Prizes include tickets to NFL London, ATP Tour Finals, but also event diploma courses, and event industry awards tickets to just to name a few. 


What to Expect When You Download the App 

By downloading the Event Industry Insight App, users can expect: 

  1. Insights and Data: Access to a wealth of data and insights about exhibitions, conferences, and all types of events.
  1. Community Connectivity: Connect with industry professionals, partners, and academia to foster collaboration and investment in university courses. 
  1. Scope Expansion: Explore the app’s extensive scope, which encompasses diverse areas such as sports, universities, events, and partnerships.


Impressive Fundraising Achievements 

In its first 12 months, The Power of Events garnered £150k in donations, showcasing the extensive backing in the app’s mission to propel the event industry forward.

With a commitment to knowledge sharing, collaboration, and industry recognition, The Power of Events is leading the way in revolutionising the industry. Event professionals are encouraged to download the app, participate in the tour, and join in shaping the future of the event world. With visionary leadership and strong community support, The Power of Events is poised to create a lasting impact.

The Power of Events has already unveiled it’s ground-breaking Event Industry Insight App, marking it’s transformative moment for event professionals- offering a wealth of insights, data, and research materials, shaping the future of our industry. We’re excited to witness the app’s impact and invite all event professionals to join in this transformative journey. 

Download the app, join The Power of Events’ Cross Four Nation Tour, and be part of the future of events.​ Ticket and event dates: 

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