Working smarter, not harder: Unlocking the secret to Social Media Algorithms

We all endlessly scrolling through social media is just part of the everyday norm (..right?), though achieving nothing more than a mild sense of dissatisfaction. Our CI strategists have shared a way they use their favourite social media platforms- to work for them.

There’s a better way to utilize your time on the platform and actually gain valuable insights – it’s called micro-learning.

We sat down with our expert Social Media Strategist at CI Group and one interesting term they used came to light- micro-learning, where they replace mindless scrolling with purposeful engagement. Before we get to the hows, let’s talk about why’s.

  1. Tailored Knowledge Acquisition: Algorithms personalize your content feed based on your preferences and interactions. Ensuring the content you encounter aligns with your specific interests and professional goals, saving you time and providing more relevant insights.
  2. Continuous Growth: Consistently engaging with educational content fine-tunes your algorithm, enhancing the quality of suggestions. As you learn and interact, the algorithm adapts, providing you with a steady stream of valuable information that helps you stay updated and informed.
  3. Efficient Learning:  Algorithms introduce you to creators and experts you might not have discovered otherwise. Algorithms help you skip the irrelevant content and focus on what matters most. By curating your feed with educational and diverse content, you optimize your learning experience, gaining knowledge in shorter periods without sifting through endless posts.


Here’s what they had to say regarding the how’s:

  • Curate Your Following List: Follow accounts that share content relevant to your professional interests.
  • Leverage Hashtags for Learning Hashtags aren’t just for trends
  • Dive into bite-sized educational Content TikTok
  • Like, comment, and share with Intent
  • Create Your Own Learning Content


In a world where time is precious, transforming your TikTok usage into a micro-learning experience is a game-changer. By actively curating your content, engaging with intent, and seeking educational creators, you’re harnessing the platform’s potential to expand your knowledge bank. Instead of doom-scrolling, you could micro-learn to help the busy world we live in align with your goals and aspirations.


In a nutshell, mastering social media algorithms is your golden ticket to a more focused, efficient online experience. By nudging algorithms in your favour, you assure your professional growth.

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