Sustainability is vital for our planet’s survival and creates a new lens through which business is viewed. It should influence every business decision we make. CI Group held our sixth annual  CBE Changing Behaviours for Climate Action Event. We invited guests to offer unique perspectives on changing behaviours, stemming from their own professional and cultural experiences.​

The Day

CBE 2022 hosted 70 guests, including CEOs, managing directors and department heads from a range of industry-leading companies.

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Our all-vegan lunch was hosted by NYT best-selling author, BBC journalist, documentary filmmaker and TV presenter Simon Reeve. An unconventional spokesperson on environmental issues, his reach extends far beyond corporate social responsibility. 

Our CBE Roundtable Speakers; Martin Fullard - Editorial Director, Conference News, Neeshe Williams - General Counsel, Pharmanovia, Elaine Cook - Marketing Director, Intel Corporation,
Carina Filek - Global COO, Elevate Global, David Watt – CEO , CI Group. 

How can leaders push businesses beyond carbon neutrality to make real, sustainable change? 

CBE 2022 focused on what the ESG agenda (environmental, social and governance) means for the commercial world. As consumers increasingly seek out companies with the strongest sustainability credentials, it’s vital that businesses act to become more environmentally effective and accountable. But how best to achieve that? 

Introducing our Carbon Calculator 

We are developing this Carbon Calculator to pull in more ESG data from other sources and we are developing our Pearl Management Dashboard, which aggregates all our emissions into one easy-to-understand view of our carbon impact, and allows us to make informed changes, to lower our carbon emissions.  

The Venue
Kew Gardens

Unfurling across 320 acres on the banks of the River Thames, Kew Gardens offered a lush retreat.

Home to over 30,000 different species of plants. The world’s most plant bio-diverse postcode, a great setting for CBE 2022.

CBE Key MapAs behaviour change champions, we can support your businesses on this journey and would welcome the opportunity to discuss this further.

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