Brothers in Arms: Our CEO David Watt Drives Frontline Support Ambulance Convoy to Ukraine

As the world celebrated Fathers’ Day, the Watt family planned their life saving trip to embark on a journey that goes far beyond the usual festivities. Led by David Watt, CEO of CI Group, the family is launching the “1000 Lives” campaign to provide life-saving medical supplies to those in need in Ukraine.

David, alongside two of his brothers and their four sons, set off on June 25th to  drive three ambulances nearly 1,500 miles from Oxfordshire to Lviv, Ukraine. This extraordinary mission is not just about delivering aid; it’s about delivering hope and solidarity.


Fathers’ Day Mission: Saving 1000 Lives

The “1000 Lives” campaign, which launched on Fathers’ Day, aims to raise £120,000 to purchase and deliver 1,000 Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs) to Ukraine. These kits are crucial in saving lives by providing essential medical supplies for treating mortal wounds. David highlights the deeper significance of the mission, stating, “This mission is about more than aid; it’s about hope and solidarity. We are delivering more than just equipment; we are delivering a message of support and compassion to those who need it most.”

Having previously worked alongside Paralympic teams, David is acutely aware of the profound impact that disabilities can have on individuals’ lives. “Our 1000 IFAK campaign wants to make sure fewer young Ukrainians experience that reality,” he added.

CI Group, comprising Corporate Innovations and PR specialists Clareville, is leveraging its resources and expertise to drive the campaign’s success, from design and copywriting to digital marketing and media relations.


A Family United in a Noble Cause

David’s brother Chris, a former Army Captain, underscores the critical importance of IFAKs from his own military experience. “I know from my own experience how important IFAKs are and why they’re needed. After serving myself I know that an IFAK can save a life. This has been a powerful motivation for me to support the 1000 Lives campaign.”

The convoy to Ukraine will see David and Chris accompanied by their brother Angus and four of their sons—Max, Fynn, James, and Joe—in a show of family solidarity and commitment to the cause. These ambulances are destined for the frontline, where they will be instrumental in evacuating and caring for injured soldiers and volunteers.


The Driving Force Behind

The initiative,, was started by one of the Watt sons, Fynn, who has made significant strides in aiding Ukraine over the past two years. Fynn and his colleagues have already delivered 110 vehicles to Ukraine, saving countless lives, evacuating hundreds of Ukrainians, providing tons of aid, enlisting hundreds of volunteers, and raising over £600,000.

On the second anniversary of Fynn’s involvement, the Watt brothers decided to unite for this landmark convoy. Angus Watt, also a former Army officer, emphasised the importance of their collective effort: “We’ve all been supporting DrivingUkraine, and Fynn’s work individually, but for this, we had to come together. That’s why my brothers and I decided it wasn’t going to be just us – it was going to be the whole Watt team.”

Fynn expressed his pride and gratitude for his family’s support, noting the strength of family bonds in Ukraine during these trying times. “In Ukraine, family relationships are so tight, especially at these trying times. I’m so proud to see my family come together and set an amazing example of what a family can do when they unite for a worthy cause.”

How You Can Help

While not every family can embark on such a journey, everyone can contribute to the “1000 Lives” campaign. Your support is crucial in reaching the target of £120,000 to provide these life-saving IFAKs to those in desperate need. For more information about the campaign and how you can help, visit

Join the Watt family in their mission to save lives and spread a message of hope and compassion to the people of Ukraine.

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