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Changing Behaviours

The CI Group vision is to become renowned for our expertise in creating behavioural change that drives business growth – which is why we started our Changing Behaviours event series.

In our work we come across many different kinds of experts whose viewpoints we translate into success for our clients – and we wanted to share those insights with you too.

We endeavour to bring world-renowned experts in their fields to these gatherings, experts who share their personal experiences and insights with a group of invited business leaders in spectacular environments, both physical and digital.

Our Latest Event

Driving Performance Data

With the latest in our virtual event series on August 7th, our own data specialists at Pearl Analytics explored the rate of change in data & analysis through an interesting lens, that of WilliamsF1 Chief Information Officer, Graeme Hackland.

Graeme – racing with Williams in the Formula 1 World Championship – has a unique perspective in an industry that thrives on using big data to drive big decisions.

Joining Graeme was a panel of industry experts, each with significant experience in helping shape your business for a dynamic future and each putting data-led decision making at the heart of their operation.

Highlights will be available soon. 

Our Events

Liber App Delivers Event Safety to Salon Privé

On Sept 23 the doors opened to Blenheim Palace for Salon Privé 2020 and put our Liber application to the test for 8000 expectant car enthusiasts. 

Driving Performance Data

Welcome to our Changing Behaviours event series. On August 7th we returned to elite sport for inspiration and insight from our keynote speaker, a guest fresh from the Formula 1 paddock. 

Leading High-Performance Teams

Watch extended highlights of our Changing Behaviours event as we navigate the ‘new normal’ for sport and large scale events through a global pandemic. Eddie Jones of England Rugby joins us from Japan with his insights.

Changing Behaviours with England Rugby Head Coach, Eddie Jones

Eddie Jones and his team have received a warm welcome in Japan ahead of the Rugby World Cup. We too wanted to say our own warm “Thank You” to our clients and guests who helped make our recent Changing Behaviours lunch with England’s Head Coach such a resounding success.

Changing Behaviours with The Football Association’s Martin Glenn

Our last event took place at the Ivy in October last year and was a fantastic success. We welcomed Martin Glen as our speaker – the current CEO of the FA who has previously been CEO of companies such as Pepisco and United Biscuits. Read more to view key insights that over the years, Martin found to help to successfully Change Behaviours.

Changing Behaviours with Neuromarketing Expert and Author, Phil Barden

Sharing his insight on what makes consumers change behaviours. Phil Barden spent 25 years of his life working in Unilever, Diageo and T-Mobile trying to influence consumer behaviour in favour of his brands and products.

Changing Behaviours with Andrew Marr at The House of Commons

Andrew Marr’s insights as events from the Tory conference unfolded were absolutely fascinating, almost dramatic, as he led us through a captivating discussion on the possible outcomes of the country’s leadership, the Brexit negotiations, and Europe’s future.

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