A look back at Changing Behaviours for Climate Action 2022

7 months ago, CI Group’s sixth annual Changing Behaviours Event (CBE) took place at Kew Gardens, London. Each year guests are invited to offer unique perspectives on changing behaviours, stemming from their own professional and cultural experiences and our last CBE event had a particular emphasis on sustainability.  We encouraged leaders to think about how they can push their businesses beyond carbon neutrality to make real, sustainable change – as we believe this should be at the heart of everything a business does.

CBE 2022 focused on what the ESG agenda (environmental, social and governance) means for the commercial world. As consumers increasingly seek out companies with the strongest sustainability credentials, it’s vital that businesses act to become more environmentally effective and accountable. CBE 2022 was all about how best to achieve that. CBE 2022 hosted 70 guests, including CEOs, managing directors and department heads from a range of industry-leading companies.



The key to the event was the venue, Kew Gardens Nash Conservatory was the ideal location to introduce CI Group’s Carbon Calculator in partnership with Isla. Requiring a keynote speaker with enough pull put significant stress on our budget, CBE was hosted by New York Time’s best-selling author, BBC journalist, documentary filmmaker and TV presenter Simon Reeve. An unconventional spokesperson on environmental issues, his reach extends far beyond corporate social responsibility.

CBE hosted 70 guests, including CEOs, managing directors and department heads from a range of industry-leading companies. CI hosted an all-vegan and locally sourced lunch, which was a success amongst guests and the team alike.

During the event, the CBE roundtable drove a discussion between key business figures on the correct steps on how to implement real sustainable change, calculate your environmental impact and ensure carbon off-set as a last resort. The CBE 2022 roundtable included Isla’s Growth Lead Toni Griggs, Pharmanovia General Counsel Neeshe WilliamsElain Cook Marketing Director at Intel and David Watt CEO of CI Group. The Roundtable was hosted by Martin Fullard Editorial director at Conference News.

Our approach to addressing climate change involves combining strategic partnership with Isla, effective performance and communication marketing, and cutting-edge event technology. Through the use of dashboards, offsetting, and our Carbon Calculator, we presented tangible results and promoted true innovation towards a more sustainable future.

In partnership with Isla which CI Group is a member of, CBE 2022 introduced its Carbon Calculator. An invaluable tool which can calculate, offset and reduce organisations carbon footprint.


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