Creating a successful Partner Day with CI Group: Our Comprehensive Guide

Spiff days are live days that take place at partner offices or strategic venues on behalf of technology vendors.

The key aim can vary but they usually they are one or all of the following: brand awareness, product launches, product/service training, device/product preferences, device benefits and ultimately drive sales.

We offer a full service for this from Discovery, Copywriting, Campaign ideation and creative theming, production, delivery, logistics, installation of any larger equipment and we can train the trainers and send staff to offices to deliver the content. We can offer pop up and go kits that sales teams fit into their vehicles and take around the country themselves.

We ensure the days are visually impactful with great attention to detail often including wow factor/photo moments, using hashtags to track traction on linkedIn.


Benefits of Partner Engagement days with CI

  • Enhanced Employee Engagement 
  • Strengthened Partnerships with channel partners
  • Brand Visibility and Loyalty
  • Streamlined Event Execution
  • Innovative Engagement Solutions, strategies and activations



Key elements of a great partner day

1. Themed Activities and Competitions: Spiff days should be fun and engaging, and one way to achieve this is through themed activities and competitions.


2. Innovative Gaming and VR Experiences: Incorporating modern technology like VR gaming pods can significantly enhance the engagement levels of participants. We’ve curated workshops that have provided interactive and competitive engaging gaming experiences.


3. Custom Branding and Merchandise: CI Group offers extensive branding options, including branded merchandise like T-shirts, phone accessories, thermal bottles and other carefully curated event-specific giveaways. Branded items not only serve as mementos but also promote brand loyalty among participants.


4. Prizes and Incentives: CI Group ensures a variety of attractive prizes, ranging from vouchers and hampers to exclusive experiences like tickets to major sporting events​​​​. Offering valuable rewards drives participation and effort, ensuring that employees are motivated to engage fully in the activities.

5. Virtual and Hybrid Options: CI Group has adapted to these needs by providing virtual sales days and hybrid events that combine in-person and online participation, ensuring that all team members can join regardless of location​.


6. Seamless Event Management: From planning and logistics to on-site management and post-event analysis, CI Group handles all aspects to ensure your event runs flawlessly​.


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