Creative Inspiration Starts Here

Creative work can be literally magical in helping change behaviors – delivering an impactful and memorable mix of emotion and rational information and messages, visuals and stories, in content that is relevant and achieves the marketing objectives – be it building brand, driving engagement or sales.

But really great creative work, magic, always comes out of a well thought out brief, or you run the risk of producing creative that might still be creatively great, but just doesn’t work! So, completing a creative brief can be a daunting task and it is undoubtedly an art in itself – it takes time, thought and rigor.

I’m often asked what’s the most important part of the brief in order to create strong strategies and standout creative ideas. In my years of experience, I have found that powerful insight and, crucially, the passion of a finding and believing in a truth is at the heart of effective communications.

Passion because the insight needs to be more than just facts or figures, it needs to really understand and get behind the emotional desire of our consumer and how we connect and harness that. Simple isn’t it!

That’s why at the CI Group we’ve developed the Changing Behaviours ‘Y Model’, a briefing template that helps create insightful and powerful briefs.

It’s carefully designed to tease out both the key facts and insights, it’s the embodiment of our Group’s philosophy to get to a powerful truth that creative can then amplify into powerful creative communications … that work!

Finally use the brief to start the conversation with creatives, not dictate to them!  Sometimes getting the inspiration in the brief right is reiterative and needs collaboration to make it happen.

Be open-minded, listen to each other.

So, clients and agencies alike should never forget that the brief is not just an organising piece of admin, it is, or should be, the inspiration for something great!

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