Is Tech taking Communication to another Level, or Beyond the Limit?

It seems like an incredibly logical and obvious idea, turning the rear windows of cabs into roaming advertising screens around a major US city – targeting unsuspecting consumers with relevant and geo-specific messaging as they go about their commute or routine. But, this latest initiative being trialled in San Francisco is being met with great division. It’s not necessarily the concept itself, but almost what it stands for. Another way those crafty marketers are intruding on our daily routines and finding yet more ways to infiltrate our lives to promote their brands and products.  And then there’s the distraction factor – how will this affect other drivers? However, the simple fact is that this sci-fi inspired medium represents the lengths we (as marketers) now have to go to, to be disruptive and gain that extra little bit of share-of-voice. It’s innovative and practical and highly disruptive. Expect to see this on the streets of London before the decade is out.

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