The Biggest Technology Trends In 2020

One of the more obvious arguments for many businesses to adopt new technologies is competitive differentiation. The challenge these days, however, is the complexity of technology and understanding the true business impact these technologies could have. That in combination with a serious skills shortage in the market can make for a challenging dialogue between IT and business functions.

At CI Group we meet this challenge head-on. Our Analytics and Digital capabilities provide best-in-class technology advise to support our customers in defining how to adopt new, innovative solutions for their strategic business goals. Helping clients adopt AI, for example, starts with an understanding of their business objective and how AI may help achieve those objectives within the scope of a digital transformation programme, or as a bespoke solution.

Achieving competitive advantage by using technologies like AI doesn’t have to be an unsurpassable challenge, and we’re certainly here to help. Our skills in combination with solutions like ‘AI as a service’ help businesses achieve their goals in a shorter, more cost-effective timeframe – and with better ROI!

AI as a service is one of the Top 20 technology trends for 2020, find out more in this article from Forbes.

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