Unveiling the Dynamic Connection Between Academia, Data, and Events: Cultivating Tomorrow’s Event Professionals with the Power of Events

The world of events is a dynamic and ever-evolving industry that encompasses a wide range of fields, from conferences and festivals to corporate gatherings and meeting incentives.

The Power of Events app encompasses support from live music promoters to major festivals such as Glastonbury and the Notting Hill Carnival, this partnership from these iconic venues and world leading creative event agencies show the breadth and depth of the Power of Events and is a testament to this innovative platform.

In this blog, we’ll explore the exciting relationship between academia, data, and events and delve into how the Power of Events can make the industry more attractive and accessible to the next generation of event professionals.  

The Current Landscape  

The events industry is vast and diverse, with countless opportunities for those interested in pursuing a career in this field. It’s a significant contributor to the global economy, generating billions annually. However, the industry is not without its challenges. To grow and innovate, we need to focus on several key aspect that the Power of Events covers:

Number of People in Education: The events industry is always in need of fresh talent. To meet this demand, it’s important to encourage more individuals to pursue education and training in event management and related fields.  According to Event Industry News, event mentorship programmes such as Elevate are designed to connect mentees with more experienced industry mentors such as CEOs, entrepreneurs, creative directors, venue managers, freelancers and client managers from brands including Amplify, Owl Live, GPJ, SMYLE, TikTok, Pinterest, Sky, and O2. The aim is to change lives, careers, and the events industry for the better.

Attracting New Talent: So, how do we best attract new people to our industry? This starts with support from attractive multi nationals within the events industry such as ACC Liverpool, Arena and many more. Also, educational institutions offering comprehensive courses in event management, hospitality, and related fields can serve as a gateway for students to explore and enter the world of events.

Inspiring Future Event Professionals: The key to bringing new talent into the industry lies in inspiring young minds. Sharing success stories, involving industry experts in academia, and providingreal-world experiences through internships and apprenticeships can inspire students to consider event management as a viable career path. Power of Events supporter Ashfield Event Experiences‘ success story was a proven testament to this, read more here.

Valuing Event Professionals: To attract and retain talent, it’s crucial to value event professionals and acknowledge their contributions. Establishing clear career paths, offering competitive salaries, and recognising excellence within the industry can go a long way in making the field more appealing.


Making the Events Industry Attractive

The events industry is undoubtedly captivating, but how can we make it even more attractive to newcomers?  

Courses and Training: Educational institutions should offer a wide range of courses that cover event planning, marketing, logistics, and data analysis. This comprehensive education can prepare students for the multifaceted world of event management.

Hands-On Experience: Practical experience is invaluable. Encourage internships, volunteering, and apprenticeships to give students the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in a real-world setting.

Embrace Technology: The events industry is becoming increasingly data-driven. Understanding the importance of data analytics, social media, and emerging technologies is crucial for staying competitive in the field.


Some recent trends include:

Event pages where creators can easily fill in an event title, location, and dates, and AI will automatically generate event descriptions, summaries, and event images in a matter of seconds.

Email campaigns, where AI-powered email writing can help creators stand out in attendees’ inboxes, get more clicks, and drive ticket sales and social media ads.

AI-powered ad copy can help creators write like pros, and create content faster, helping event creators save time and reach more people.


Changing the Industry  

Events are indeed exciting and, some might even say, sexy. But how can we change the industry to make it more enticing for the next generation?  

Sustainability and Social Responsibility: Young professionals are increasingly drawn to industries that prioritise sustainability and social responsibility. The events industry can take strides in this direction by adopting eco-friendly practices and supporting meaningful causes.

According to Event Bible, organizers can shrink event footprints by embracing innovation and inspiring attendees toward sustainable habits. These collective actions pave the path for a greener future.

Some examples include:

Sorting Education: Educate attendees about waste separation to improve recycling and composting.

Waste Audits: Conduct post-event assessments to measure progress and refine strategies.

Donation Programs: Direct excess food to charities, reducing waste and aiding communities.

Upcycling Workshops: Engage participants in creative repurposing to foster sustainability awareness.

Foster Responsibility: Encourage responsibility by teaching people to manage waste properly for a greener future.

Recently, CI Group team had the privilege of participating in Event Sustainability Live, where we played a key role in organizing a session chaired by Louisa Watson, ESG Director of beam and Director of Wyboston Lakes Resort. The session, titled “Navigating Sustainability Metrics: Decoding Event Impact Assessment for Conference Organisers,” underscored our commitment to advancing sustainable practices within the industry.  

CI Group have also been present at events such as IMEX, iBTM World, International Confex, The Meetings Show, Event Tech Live, Event Sustainability Live and The Power Of Events conference. These events hold immense value for CI Group as they serve as invaluable platforms, bringing industry experts together to exchange knowledge, share experiences, and showcase cutting-edgesuppliers.

Our active involvement in these events is a testament to our dedication to placing the right individuals at the forefront of such gatherings.  Through our participation, we aim not only to emphasise the importance of sustainability within events but also to highlight its necessity.

Flexibility and Work-Life Balance: Offering flexibility and a healthy work-life balance can attract individuals looking for a fulfilling career without sacrificing personal life. According to Adecco,flexible working arrangements can boost employee morale and motivation through higher job satisfaction and improved work-life balance. Flexible working can reduce fatigue and stress, which may cause employees to lose focus and underperform.

Innovation: Constantly evolving and embracing new technologies and trends will ensure that the industry remains exciting and competitive. According to Fresh Productions, 2024 focuses will includesustainability, hybrid and virtual events, personalisation, interactive experiences, and AI and machine learning.

The relationship between academia, data, and events is dynamic and holds immense potential. By attracting, inspiring, and valuing new talent, offering comprehensive courses and hands-on experiences, and driving positive change within the industry, we can make the events industry even more appealing to the next generation. In doing so, we will continue to demonstrate that events are indeed a thrilling and innovative industry to be a part of.

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