A Data-Driven strategy to untapped opportunities at SUSE

The Challenge: Tapping into Uncharted Territory

SUSE recognized the potential of data analytics in revealing untapped opportunities within their EMEA market. EMEA Sales leadership was quick to embrace this initiative, foreseeing the chance to unveil valuable insights hidden within their unstructured data.

The Revelation: A Glimpse into Market Dynamics

Our analysis revealed fascinating insights, particularly when examining country contributions to the overall EMEA numbers. Surprisingly, some major EMEA countries were significantly underrepresented in the ‘Real Addressable Market,’ a refined metric tailored to SUSE‘s portfolio. Additionally, the analysis shed light on the contributions of Global Strategic partners, providing valuable insights into their performance against the ‘Real Addressable Market’ and each other.

Navigating Challenges: Taming the Data Beast

Data is the cornerstone of any analytics project, and this endeavour was no exception. Managing and matching customer data with financial data posed its share of challenges. However, Pearl Analytics seamlessly transformed the data into a valuable asset for our opportunity assessment.

Influencing Priorities: A Strategic Shift

This project has left a lasting impact on SUSE‘s approach to opportunity prioritisation. It uncovered markets and customer segments previously thought to be well-covered, revealing areas for improvement. Additionally, our analysis of the partner ecosystem pinpointed opportunities for collaboration and expansion. The data-driven insights have become a compass guiding SUSE towards a more strategic and informed future.

Conclusion: A Data-Driven Transformation

Our partnership with SUSE illustrates the transformative power of data analytics. By delving into uncharted data territory, we unveiled new opportunities and gained fresh perspectives on existing markets. SUSE‘s commitment to data-driven decision-making has set them on a course of continued growth and innovation. This journey marks just the beginning of a data-powered transformation for SUSE and many more exciting opportunities yet to be explored.

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