Computacenter Group Kick Off Conference


Partnering with Computacenter since 2008, we’ve solidified our role as the preferred supplier for

crafting bespoke exhibition stands for their annual Group Kick-Off Vendor Technology Village. Our client needed exceptional exhibition stands that not only stood out but also fostered meaningful connections and maximized visitor engagement. This year, our journey took us to Berlin, channelling our passion for innovation to create exhibition stands that beautifully embodied each client’s brand identity.

The Value We Created

From the outset, we’ve always prioritised sustainability

alongside standout design. This commitment was to make

an indelible mark on attendees, not on the planet. By

choosing resource-efficient materials and adopting

circular economy principles, we aimed for minimal

environmental impact.

Our efforts were quantified on the Computacenter stand,

where TRACE by Isla revealed our success in limiting plastic

use to just 130kg out of 3.08 tonnes of materials, achieving

a remarkably low production emission of 0.02 tCO2e. This

approach underscores our commitment to creating value

that extends beyond the event floor.

The Problem We Solved

Each year presents the unique challenge of

designing stands that embody the distinct

identities and messages of each of the leading

technology brands, all vying for attention in a

singular dynamic event space.

Our task was to ensure that each stand not only

stood out but also supported a variety of

interactions, from product demonstrations to

engaging discussions. Addressing the specific

needs of Computacenter’s Vendor Partners, we

were tasked with bringing their individual visions to

life, enabling them to share their unique offerings

with the sales team and event attendees in a

compelling, memorable way.

Our Solution

Leveraging our deep experience in project management, we

offer Computacenter and their partners a seamless transition

from concept to reality, ensuring each event is a stress-free

success. By thoroughly understanding each client’s

objectives, we develop captivating designs, detailed 3D

renders, and meticulous plans. Our dedicated team oversees

every aspect, including planning, budgeting, construction,

and logistics, ensuring every stand is realised to the highest

quality standards. With our team on the ground in Germany,

we navigated any challenges and guaranteed that each

stand was executed flawlessly, enabling our clients to focus

entirely on engaging their audience.

Transform your next event into a landmark occasion with our bespoke exhibition

solutions. Our expert Project Delivery team specialises in turning your brand’s

vision into an immersive experience that captivates and endures. Let us help

you showcase your brand with precision and creativity, making every interaction count.

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