Computacenter’s industry event 2020


Computacenter host an annual Sales Kick Off conference, celebrating the achievements of the year gone by and sharing the businesses vision and objectives for the year ahead.

They needed our help to bring this together, build the stands and create a bespoke event app to support their full event programme throughout the year (30+ events).


Computacenter invite their Vendor Partners to participate in the event each year through sponsorship. A key element of their sponsorship package includes a presence at the event in the form of an exhibition stand.

Vendors use the stands to engage with Computacenter sales people and directly influence them to sell their products.



Computacenter require an agency to engage with their partners and run the exhibition element of the event end-to-end.

For the 4th successive year, CI Group were selected as Computacenter’s preferred agency partner for all bespoke stands.

We designed and delivered 9 bespoke exhibition stands. Each stand required a unique ‘hook’ aligned to their specific brand to encourage Computacenter Sales people to engage with stand staff.

Computacenter also launched the bespoke app where  more than 2500 colleagues, partners and suppliers downloaded it to support and enhance their event experience.

The App handles everything from event registration, agenda & logistics information through to content delivery, social network connectivity, in-app messaging & meeting scheduling. The push notification feature enables live information sharing to delegates and user segmentation by audience, language or role.


Typically, ‘off the shelf’ event applications are a one-size-fits-most solution. They can have some nice features and support 80%-90% of the elements you might need. But rarely do they cater for every event of any size and scale.

CI Group’s bespoke solution, designed and built to support Computacenter’s specific needs, will evolve, grow and adapt to suit their requirements over time – importantly, without prohibitive licensing fees; it is a solution that they own and can control.


When it came to making the stands, our dedicated team engage with vendors to design unique stands and engagement tactics that maximise engagement for each vendor with their target audience.

We develop and understanding of each vendors channel marketing strategy and their objectives for the event.

The app we created for the event modernised Computacenter’s event audience engagement by providing delegates with a personalised one-stop-shop for all of the information they need to have an enjoyable and engaging event experience.

We made sure it hit each of Computacenter’s requirements for the app too:

  • UX led design

  • Integration with client databases & communication tools

  • Integration with social media platforms

  • Enable user generated content (SpeakOut)

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