Westcoast’s Rewards Program


Westcoast wanted a new way to incentivise employees selling Microsoft Surface products.

Value We Created

CI Group helped to launch a fully serviced rewards scheme including website build, website creative and rewards fulfilment.

The MS Surface Rewards launched in 2019​ and included all Microsoft Surface products. The initial target for this scheme was 70 key customers.

The Problem We Solved

Sales for this specific product area were lacking, CI delved into their experience with reward programs and pitched for a new Rewards page where users were able to earn points for every sale made over £1,500 in PO value. This along with ad-hoc incentives run throughout the year helped to drive sales behaviours.

How We Did it

We identified there was a lack of motivation from the sales team and used previous knowledge of rewards programs to create a tailored hub and link to a fully functioning rewards catalague for users to spend their points on.

We were also able to drive users to register to the site by rolling out rewards boxes, 1 box was for each individual who registered to the site and another box for desk drops to drive engagement to the site and inform employees of the new scheme. These boxes included branded posters, flyers, pens, chargers etc.

This program has shown a 41% growth in users average monthly volume of sold products and sales revenue.

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