TATA Communications ProClub Incentive Programs


Over the past three years we have established a programme for TATA Communications that breaks the mould of the traditional incentive programme. 

Based on their performance the top 1% of employees are invited to attend the ProClub programme, and year on year analytics reports are tracking the incredible performance of Proclub winners, striving for excellence and driving new business growth when measured against the rest of the organisation.


Proclub has earnt a special place in the heart of TATA Communications for the memories we create. We have taken guests to incredible places across the globe, showcasing the very best hospitality, entertainment, activities, culture and cuisine they have to offer!

We tell a story, weaving the event thematic, with local traditions and business messages and intertwine them across signature events to take guests on a real journey across the week. Throughout the trip we witness first-hand the invaluable personal and business connections Proclub facilitates.


Over the past 3 years, Proclub has grown with CI Group. The TATA Corporate Communications team feel like family with a mutual passion for success.

We continue to deliver a programme that better engages the TATA family, driving performance across their organisation.

CI Group know this programme inside out and year on year we push ourselves and our suppliers as the level of expectation continues to soar.


Proclub is delivered using the full service mix that CI Group offer.

Our Digital team, Creative Designers, Project Managers and Strategic Director all playing vital roles to deliver a 5* once-in-a lifetime incentive program.

  • Communications plans, full website and registration portal
  • End to end thematic creation, creative identity and asset creation
  • Travel, logistics and guest support
  • Full event management, production, RAMS and on site delivery team
  • Budget management, contract and procurement

“One of the best experiences of my life.

Mind-blowing. A dream come true.

What motivation, so proud to be part of Proclub.

My wife has said every day I’ll keep
inspiring you to push yourself at work, so one day
we can attend Proclub again.

The synergy and bonds I have created this week are
unmatched by anything else I’ve ever done.”


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