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The League of Darkness​


In developing The League of Darkness we’ve delivered an engagement and communications platform that’s attracted over 25,000 members over 36 months – now generating over 10,000 user sessions every month to support independent on-trade growth and off-trade growth of the Kraken Rum in the UK.  


The League of Darkness has contributed to a significant growth in distribution among independent on-trade venues – making Kraken Rum the fastest growing premium rum brand in the UK and growth in sales volume of 19% (2019) vs 2018

The programme has helped elevate Kraken Rum to number one spot in its breadth of distribution amongst all dark spirits.

Kraken Rum is now the 3rd biggest brand in UK off-trade in value (+23% val. MAT) and 4th biggest in volume (+31%).

Since 2016, we have helped Proximo increase distribution of 6 bottle cases by 200% in the UK.


We understood that the independent on-trade has traditionally been a difficult and hard-to-reach audience, particularly for challenger brands. We found a way of demonstrating the rapidly growing demand and growth of The Kraken Black Spiced Rum to this audience, encouraging their appetite for trials and repeat stocking.

We developed a thorough understanding of the power and appeal of the brand and why it had been growing exponentially since its introduction in 2011. The consumer demand for the product was incredibly loyal and this contributed hugely to its growth. Our solution married this brand power with the independent on-trade market.

We enable 1000s of accounts across the UK to drive brand visibility, increase distribution and activate in-bar.


We conceived and developed an engagement platform that would intrinsically link both the independent on-trade and consumers through the delivery of rich content, business support, incentivisation and exclusive offers and competitions.

In doing so we continue to reward both audiences for their advocacy and loyalty – helping to deliver demand and providing a vehicle that non-stockists can see as beneficial to them. We offer rewards for stocking and selling the product and by actively promoting it, we help amplify the brand among consumers to accelerate demand.

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