HP Sure View Security Awareness Campaign


HP’s series of business laptops famed and well renowned. Their suite of security enhancements, designed to protect businesses and users, is best in class – but there is generally a lack awareness of these features amongst end-users. 
Our task was to enhance awareness of one of the proprietary security features, HP Sure View. A feature that makes the contents of a devices screen invisible to all but the user sat directly in front of the screen. The aim, to drive consideration and sales of 

HP Elite Books featuring this tool.


We created a visually-led campaign that would play on the primary use-case of this technology; visual hacking. Playing up the key statistic of 52% of all data stolen, is visually hacked.

Westcoast generally do not communicate direct to end-user, preferring to push awareness through the channel. This departure enabled them to pull demand from the bottom up through resellers.

The campaign was executed in three main ways; digital awareness and lead generation, OOH within London (key audience) and physical demonstration within London finance district.


We created greater awareness and education of both the HP Sure View feature and all of HP’s other security suite.

This heightened level of awareness and education lead to the generation of new ‘warm’ leads for HP Partners.

This in-turn drove increased order volume through Westcoast primarily for HP Elite devices.

6.3 million impressions – with 25-30% amongst key decision makers

10,000 + hits on the


a multi-channel strategy comprising of digital mediums, print, out of home and physical product demo. Activity was primarily focused on medium-sized business within the London area.

-Highly targeted Google paid search campaign driven by related key word searches & targeted LinkedIn awareness activity

-Traffic driven to campaign site which educated audience and generated new leads aided by an incentive

-Out of home and BA High Life magazine ad awareness in key hotspots also drove awareness and traffic

-Physical demonstration event over multiple days to enhance online activity.

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