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Incentive Strategy and Communication

Creating an impactful incentive strategy, and ensuring its success through effective communication and measurement, is essential to drive performance and engagement. Through meticulously designed pre-event communications, immersive experiences, a deep understanding of motivational psychology, and a team of digital developers and data analysts, we not only aim to inspire action, but also create a lasting […]

Puppy Love and Wellness Day with Becthle

Let’s talk about the cutest day we planned and delivered for Bechtle. So, picture this, you’re in your office, doing your day-to-day, ticking off your to-do list with authoritative precision.. But suddenly, you hear the magical sounds of.. puppy barks. Yes, people, PUPPIES! Sounds like a dream, right? In collaboration with Bechtle, we orchestrated a […]

Bridging the Data Gap in the Events Industry: Unveiling the Power of Events App 

The events industry is a dynamic and vibrant sector that plays a crucial role in shaping economies and cultures worldwide. From grand music festivals and corporate conferences to intimate weddings and local community gatherings, events are a universal language that brings people together. Despite its undeniable significance, the events industry has long been plagued by […]

The Power of Events Unveils Revolutionary Event Industry Insight App 

The event industry is poised for an exciting future, as The Power of Events has announced its four-nation tour to introduce the Event Industry Insight App. This app has been designed to be a useful tool to support the industry with data insights and their research needs.     Empowering Event Professionals   The Event Industry Insight […]

Celebrating CI Group’s Commitment to Sustainability- Pip Kenny Named Power 50 Green Champion by Micebook 

  In a momentous recognition of her unwavering dedication to sustainability within the UK events industry, Pip Kenny, Group Creative Director at CI Group, has been named a Power 50 Green Champion by Micebook. This prestigious accolade is a testament to her remarkable commitment to making a positive impact on the planet and promoting eco-conscious […]

How AI and Machine Learning are Revolutionising the Marketing and Events Industry

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have emerged as game-changers in various industries, and marketing and events are no exception. With their ability to analyse massive amounts of data, identify patterns, and make intelligent predictions, AI and ML are transforming the way businesses approach marketing strategies and event planning. Let’s explore […]

Spiff Days: HP Pride ‘Proudly Visible’

In a powerful collaboration, HP and AMD have joined forces for the ‘Proudly Visible’ campaign, which took place throughout the month of June to commemorate Pride. This inspiring initiative aims to champion the LGBTQ+ community in the tech industry and create greater visibility and understanding. HP Pride Spiff Days played a vital role in supporting […]

Delivering better value from your next Corporate Event

Corporate events hold a significant place in the landscape of the event industry in the UK. In 2019, the business events sector generated £31.2 billion in direct spending and supported over 700,000 jobs in the UK. (Source: Business Visits & Events Partnership – BVEP). These events bring together professionals, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs to network, […]

A look back at Changing Behaviours for Climate Action 2022

7 months ago, CI Group’s sixth annual Changing Behaviours Event (CBE) took place at Kew Gardens, London. Each year guests are invited to offer unique perspectives on changing behaviours, stemming from their own professional and cultural experiences and our last CBE event had a particular emphasis on sustainability.  We encouraged leaders to think about how they […]

CI Group takes home silver at the COOL Event Awards

CI Group were delighted to attend the COOL Events Awards at the Bloomsbury Ballroom on April 13th. The amazing team at CI Group were nominated for 2 awards: ‘Best event under £50k’ and ‘Most Sustainable Event’ for our Changing Behaviours for Climate Action Event (CBE). We were delighted to gain Silver in both categories. The […]

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