Rewards & Incentives Insights

Incentive Strategy and Communication

Creating an impactful incentive strategy, and ensuring its success through effective communication and measurement, is essential to drive performance and engagement. Through meticulously designed pre-event communications, immersive experiences, a deep understanding of motivational psychology, and a team of digital developers and data analysts, we not only aim to inspire action, but also create a lasting […]

Puppy Love and Wellness Day with Becthle

Let’s talk about the cutest day we planned and delivered for Bechtle. So, picture this, you’re in your office, doing your day-to-day, ticking off your to-do list with authoritative precision.. But suddenly, you hear the magical sounds of.. puppy barks. Yes, people, PUPPIES! Sounds like a dream, right? In collaboration with Bechtle, we orchestrated a […]

Spiff Days: HP Pride ‘Proudly Visible’

In a powerful collaboration, HP and AMD have joined forces for the ‘Proudly Visible’ campaign, which took place throughout the month of June to commemorate Pride. This inspiring initiative aims to champion the LGBTQ+ community in the tech industry and create greater visibility and understanding. HP Pride Spiff Days played a vital role in supporting […]

Applying Behavioural Science in the Design of Incentive & Reward Systems

When it comes to B2B sales incentives, many companies rely on monetary rewards or other tangible gifts to motivate their employees. While these can be effective in the short-term, research has shown that they may not always be the most effective way to incentivize employees over the long-term. This is where the application of behavioural […]

Spiff Days: Creating Unforgettable Live Experiences

Spiff days are live days that take place at partner offices on behalf of technology vendors. The key aim can vary but they usually they are one or all of the following: brand awareness, product launches, product/service training, device/product preferences, device benefits and ultimately drive sales. We offer a full service for this from Discovery, […]

Key to Success: Implementing Rewards and Incentives in Your Business

Recognising the importance of a successful rewards and incentives scheme within your business is a key part of its success. Research shows that it can improve employee retention, engagement and loyalty, as well as creating a competitive advantage, as without them, you can lose market share. Virtual First: Reducing Carbon Emissions CI Group Rewards is […]

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