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Shorlisted for TWO Micebook Awards!

We’re excited to share we’ve been shortlisted for not one, but two prestigious Micebooks Awards this year!  These accolades celebrate excellence in the events industry and the power of storytelling in shaping unforgettable experiences. Awards Category: Best Internal Communications Event Awards Category: Best Celebratory or Awards Event Our standout event which captured the judges’ attention was a […]

ORIGINAL RELEASE: Insight Interpretation via AI

Harnessing AI for automated Insights generation At CI Group, we understand that navigating the abundance of data can be daunting. That’s why we’ve introduced the AI Insights Engine on PearlCloud, our managed analytics platform. This is the latest development on the platform designed to revolutionise how to efficiently interpret your analytics dashboards. The Power of […]

Working smarter, not harder: Unlocking the secret to Social Media Algorithms

We all endlessly scrolling through social media is just part of the everyday norm (..right?), though achieving nothing more than a mild sense of dissatisfaction. Our CI strategists have shared a way they use their favourite social media platforms- to work for them. There’s a better way to utilize your time on the platform and […]

Bridging the Data Gap in the Events Industry: Unveiling the Power of Events App 

The events industry is a dynamic and vibrant sector that plays a crucial role in shaping economies and cultures worldwide. From grand music festivals and corporate conferences to intimate weddings and local community gatherings, events are a universal language that brings people together. Despite its undeniable significance, the events industry has long been plagued by […]

The Power of Events Unveils Revolutionary Event Industry Insight App 

The event industry is poised for an exciting future, as The Power of Events has announced its four-nation tour to introduce the Event Industry Insight App. This app has been designed to be a useful tool to support the industry with data insights and their research needs.     Empowering Event Professionals   The Event Industry Insight […]

New! PearlCloud 4.0 Analytics Portal: AI Enabled Data Storytelling

There are future forward developments happening internally within CI Group’s PearlCloud Analytics Portal. Features that should be understood now, if you want a competitive advantage. Ever heard of AI-Enabled Data Storytelling? This is coming very soon to PearlCloud 4.0. The ability to effectively translate and communicate data insights is paramount, and this feature reshapes how businesses understand […]

A client discussion with the Head of Business Intelligence

Unveiling Strategic Insights using Pearl Analytics’ Market Opportunity Assessment Businesses must remain agile and well-informed to thrive. To shed light on this critical aspect, Maureen Vasquez-Guzman (MVG) BD & MM from CI Group, engages in an illuminating conversation with the Head of Business Intelligence at a prominent chip manufacturing company. Together, they explore how CI […]

Pearl Analytics: Cross- functional Insights collaboration

In this insightful interview, Maureen Vasquez- Guzman (MVG) engages in a conversation with Robert Mol (RM), Head Of Pearl Analytics to explore the cross-functional collaboration features available on the PearlCloud platform. Discover how this significantly helps businesses enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of data-driven decision-making by amplifying the power of data for informed and impactful business strategies.   MVG: Robert, could you share why the cross-functional collaboration on PearlCloud is […]

Empowering Informed Decisions: How CI Group Drives Business Success Through Data

At CI Group, we understand Business leaders must harness the power of data to make informed decisions to propel their organisations forward, and our mission is to empower these individuals with the insights they require to thrive. Customer Demand:  Evaluating Product/Service Need – We assist our clients in evaluating the need for their products or […]

The Impact of AI on Business Intelligence Services

Automation streamlines data tasks, empowering BI pros. AI uncovers unique insights, revealing hidden trends and anomalies. Personalization tailors BI experiences to users' needs. See real-world applications: finance automates data extraction; retail harnesses customer behavior insights; healthcare enhances diagnostics. As AI evolves, BI's power grows, offering deeper insights, smarter decisions, and heightened efficiency.

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